Thursday, October 27, 2016

Week One Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month One)

Week One - Thursday Weigh-In:
10/27/2016:            - 2.0 pounds
Total lost:                32.8 pounds
Current Weight:      197.2 pounds

Two pounds down! It's less than I hoped for because I heard so much about losing a lot of weight the first week of low carb due to water weight loss that I was really hoping for it, but two pounds is two pounds and I'll take it!

I've also got a week of low carb under my belt and I'm finally starting to feel better physically as the detox from simple carbs and sugars comes to an end. Yesterday wasn't too bad and today is even better. Oh, and as you can see I've restarted my weekly and monthly low carb count in my titles just because I wanted too lol.

I worked very, very hard this week to stay on track with low carb. I counted, tracked, weighed and measured everything that went into my mouth. I planned ahead to make sure I was making the best choices and there were some days where I had to leave off or replace some foods because they just didn't fit the macros. There were nights I went to bed hungry and there were a couple of instances on massive, insane carb cravings but those are definitely improving and I plan to work just as hard on low carb this week. I have food stocked and two recipes picked out that should work really well.

I didn't get any working out done (outside of the walking challenge which I'm totally on track for) because of how cruddy I felt physically but I plan to start my weight training workouts again tomorrow and am shooting for 4 days of great exercise this week.

My short-term goal at this time is to hit 189.8 lbs which has been my lowest weight so far this year (back at the end of June) and also my lowest weight since March of 2007! Once I get to that goal I'll start keeping my short-term weight loss goals to 5 pound loss increments.

So, I have a strict week planned and I'm actually looking forward to it. Let's make this happen!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Five Days In...

Okay, so... I've stuck to strict low carb/keto for 5 days now (counting today). I think this is the longest I've stayed on plan for months now and it definitely hasn't been easy.

On Sunday I actually had such a massive craving for Dunkin Donuts apple pie (if you've never had it it is sooooooo good) that I actually drove to the Dunkin Donuts and forced myself to just get something low carb instead at the last minute in the drive through. I felt pretty proud of myself for not getting the pie but, wow, did I want it. I could almost taste the damn thing!

The cravings have actually settled down a little bit right now. Yesterday I had to stop by the grocery store and despite them having lots of great, yummy (ie... bad for me) stuff, including things they haven't stocked for months, I did NOT buy any which is huge for me!

I am still dealing with carb/sugar withdrawal symptoms which is one of the reasons I haven't worked out this week outside of the step challenge (I'm totally on track with that). I figure I'll give myself a few more days to get past the exhausted, lightheaded, slow brain feeling and then kick my workouts back into gear. But I still feel way better than I do when I eat lots of carbs.

The scale is moving down but it's moving pretty slowly. I was honestly expecting a bigger loss but I do still have 2 more days to go and if I can lose a total of 2 pounds I'll be satisfied.

I think that's it for now.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Upcoming Goals!

So I've been working on some food and workout goals and here's what I've come up with so far...

1) One day at a time. Don't obsess about tomorrow, plan for it and keep it in mind but don't got crazy.

2) I have appointments with my shrink and my therapist next week and I'll be talking about the binging issues with both of them. Hopefully they can give me some good ideas on how to deal with it.

3) Preplan my daily meals, calories and macros early in the day so I don't end up caught of guard and end up just grabbing something unhealthy because I didn't plan.

4) No more than 50 grams of carbs gross (less net).

5) Work on getting 10,000 steps a day starting tomorrow by using the 30-day training plan I've used in the past.

6) Get back to working out with weights 4 days this coming week (more if possible).

7) Blog and keep up with Facebook and Instagram for motivation.

8) Start making coffee at home again and cut way back on Dunkin Donuts (yes, again).

9) Track, count, weigh and measure all food before eating.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 20th - Thursday Weigh-In

October 20th - Thursday Weigh-In
10/20/2016:            +1.2 pounds
Total lost:                30.8 pounds
Current Weight:      199.2 pounds

Well, the scale did go up like I knew it would thanks to our anniversary weekend but at least I'm still under 200 pounds and I've been back on track for a couple of days now so I fully expect it to go back down next week.

I haven't been feeling great so the workouts have been on hold for now but I'm hoping (and planning) to get back to them this weekend along with getting back to work on the cat portrait I'm working on.

My plan for this week is simple, track and count everything, workout and no cheat days. Let's see if I can do it!

Head is hurting pretty badly so this is it for now.

Monday, October 17, 2016

What a Great Trip and Anniversary!

We had an awesome anniversary and trip! There's a lot of photos and updates on Facebook so I'm not going to put them all here. Basically it was great and we're thinking of going back next year and doing stuff we couldn't do this year.

We started out early on Friday morning and headed to Connecticut where our first major stop (after driving around lost for about 40 minutes) was the mall which was my plan. And I was thrilled to find a workout bra in my size at the Victoria's Secret there! That pretty much made my whole day lol. After the mall and lunch we got to the hotel and basically relaxed. AMC (man, I really miss cable sometimes) had their FrightFest on 24/7 so it all horror movies all the time (and you guys know me and horror movies!).

Saturday morning was spent wandering around Essex, CT; the town (which was the cutest little town ever), the Connecticut River Museum, all the little shops and water areas and then the train and riverboat later that day. After the train/riverboat we went to a great restaurant (note for future reference... make reservations!) and we headed home on Sunday after more photos at the train station.

It was so great to actually spend time together, just the two of us, and to check out new places and do stuff as a couple and I'm almost sure we're going back next year!

We really want to check out Gillette Castle (which we saw from the riverboat) and according to the website it closes on Labor Day so we'd need to plan an earlier visit and there's a couple more train trips we'd like to do. We did the basic train/riverboat trip this time but we want to do the dinner train and the full day train (not all on the same weekend of course) but the all-day train doesn't start until after Gillette Castle closes for the season so we'd have to choose one or the other. We can hike around Gillette Castle at any time but we want to actually visit the inside of it which has to be earlier in the year.

I did not stick to low carb though and just generally enjoyed some great food (and some mediocre food) without binging and with following decent portions but the scale definitely went up by several pounds. Tomorrow I restart strict low carb and get back to working out (still at home) and there's nothing coming up for the next 4 weeks that will set me off track so I should be back to close to my last lowest weight by then.

In four weeks we're going to Sarah's for the weekend for Gabriel's birthday for a weekend like we do every year but I can easily eat low carb at her house so I really have no major events going on that will cause me to mess up my plan.  And once I have those weeks under my belt it will be way easier to actually stay on plan for when major events take place.

I feel like I'm totally ready to do this again and I'm looking forward to actually watching the scale go down and my body get stronger and firmer.

And here's my favorite shot us from this weekend!

Motivational Monday