Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Clothes I Remember (Reposted From Old Blog)

I own a lot of clothing that doesn't fit anymore, some of which haven't fit in many years, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.

Some have been lovingly worn, some are still brand new, some worn once or twice but they're all still there, in my closet and in my drawers, waiting to see the light of day again.

Sometimes I look at them and remember; when, where, how and why.

Does the memory of them make me smile?

Do they bring back a special occasion?

Were they my favorites to wear all the time?

Did they even get a chance to be worn?

I refuse to get rid of them. Some day, some way, I will wear them again. Most of them anyway.

There's the beautiful spaghetti strapped glittery black top with a matching sweater that I wore eight years ago when I was helping judge a state-wide art exhibit. I'm lucky if I can fit an arm into that sweater now.

There's the gorgeous flowy white top that Sarah gave me years ago for Christmas that I wore to her 30th birthday party more than ten years ago. So pretty, yet so far out of my reach now.

There's the long black skirt I wore to church after my marriage ended when someone pulled me aside and asked me how I had lost that much weight. I didn't even realize I had lost weight. Ahhh, yes, the loss on the heartbreak diet.

There's the pink tank top stained with white paint that I wore to paint the boys' bedroom with Charles (once again only possibly semi-dating) and I still remember that he told me I looked hot in it.

There's the sleeveless red top that I wore all the time because it fit beautifully and I felt great in it.

There's the wine-themed pajamas that I bought in the same size of pajamas I already owned (same style and brand too) only to find out that they were far too small. I must have stretched the other ones over the previous year without realizing it.

There's the dress I dedicated an entire post to last week in this blog so not much else needs to be said about it.

There's the knee length black, flowy skirt that I wore with the aforementioned red top and strappy, wide heeled shoes on one of my very first dates with Charles (not even sure if we counted it as a date lol).

There's the gorgeous pink/red designed Victoria's Secret bra that I found new on Ebay for the fraction of the cost. Let's not even talk about how that ones doesn't fit!

There's the petite jeans I have from high school that I was able to wear once more after that same old heartbreak diet. I don't keep those to wear again as, let's face it, they'll never be back in style. I keep them for the memories and for checking my size as clothing sizes have completely changed over the years.

There's the adorable blue flowered top I wore once before it became too small and felt really, really cute in!

There's so, so many more. Hanging there, folded here, waiting until I can wear them again.

I don't feel bad looking at them because if I did I probably wouldn't keep them. And even then, I've only kept my favorites, having donated many others in the years that have gone by.

But now, now that I'm actually sticking with this health and weight loss thing they give me hope as well as memories.

Hope that the time will come when I can wear them again and make new memories instead of simply holding on to old ones.

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