Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Kind of Bodies Inspire You? (repost from old blog)

As some of you may know I pin. A lot. Like, really a lot. It's my hobby and it's not just fun and entertaining to me but it's also free.

I have several specific boards that inspire me. I have the "move your body" board with workouts, exercise links and motivation (that I post on here on Mondays). There are also two dance boards: ballet and everything else along with a body and movement board that's more just people looking awesome, usually while doing some kind of sport or exercise.

I especially love the ballet board. The bodies are amazing and the dancers are beautiful and graceful and just...perfect to me. I have always wished I'd done some ballet. Of course I have the rhythm of a stick and would have probably done horribly but I still wished that I'd learned even a little of it.

So when I want to be inspired I look at those boards or look for more pins for those boards.

But there's more.

There is one body, one specific woman, one character that really makes me want to lose weight and get in shape and that woman is Selene from the Underworld movies.

Not the actress who plays her, although she's gorgeous and thin, but specifically Selene. I'm not even a huge fan of the movies, I like them and all but they're not my favorite, but Selene makes me want to work much harder than I do.

And what made me want to work even harder was when I found out that the actress who plays her is older than me.

And yes I know. She's a movie character and she's in Hollywood and she's probably somewhat photoshopped and can afford personal chef's and trainer and bah, blah blah.

I don't care. If ever I want inspiration I looks at Selene photos.

I may have to print one out and put it on my fridge lol.

Who wouldn't want to look like this??

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