Tuesday, July 28, 2015


So I've discovered a few things in the last two days...

1) I've forgotten how to do most of my "push day" workout (the first workout I've did with my trainer when I first started at the gym).

2) My trainer is awesome and will give me a quick overview of the exercises I can't remember tomorrow after work.

3) I really, really, really don't like cottage cheese :/ I was hoping it would be my to-go protein food but, ugh, no. So that takes out eggs, Greek yogurt (except the whipped ones but they have tons of sugar so doesn't that defeat the purpose?) and now cottage cheese. So... maybe, actual cheese? I don't know.

4) The high pain days can get to the point where lightly touching my thighs feels like I'm punching them (yeah, I get to enjoy that today).

5) I am able to keep myself motivated as long as I take it one little section at a time.

6) I LOVE the organic oatmeal I got and am actually looking forward to eating it again, especially with blueberries!

I think that does it for now!

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