Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's very frustrating when I have to unexpectedly change my plans. Yesterday I had to cancel my trainer and rearrange my entire afternoon and evening with about an hours notice in order to get Andy to his show. Instead of working out and eating a healthy, homemade dinner I ended up driving to Rutland and sitting in Panera and then, eventually, driving home. I still ate healthy but it wasn't the same.

And on top of my frustration you have my trainers' frustration because I had to cancel on her with almost no warning. And I absolutely don't blame her, it just sucks doing that to other people. Add in the horrible heat and humidity, my bad knee bending the wrong way and not getting home until almost midnight last night and I'm not really a happy camper.

And we have to do it all over again today.

Now, to make it clear, I am not frustrated with Andy. I am frustrated with the situation with his car. It's not his fault and I am his parent and it's my responsibility to help him but, damn it, I wanted to see my trainer and get my workout figured out!!

I'm hoping things will settle down once the play is over (last show is this Sunday) but then we have a bunch of filled weekends (including a 5K color run/walk which I'll post about later!) and I have to prepare for Gabriel entering high school. Let's not even talk about how stressed out I am about that. I know he has a good team working with him but still... it's a new school, a new team, a new schedule, a new everything! And much harder classes with a lot more expected from him.

So what is my plan to deal with all this frustration without blowing up and getting mad at people?

Well, I guess first I need to accept that things happen and sometimes plans need to be changed no matter how annoying it is. Accepting that is really hard for me and I've been working on it for a very long time but I'm seeing little improvements so that's something.

Second I want to enter my workouts onto the calendar so they're in there like appointments. I think that will make me miss them less and it will make the rest of my family take them more seriously. "Oh, you need this, this and that... you'll have to wait because I have a scheduled workout first." Trainer or no trainer this absolutely needs to happen!

Third, I guess I need to just breathe and deal with whatever comes my way.

And fourth... keep posting because it really helps!

PS... I wanted a pastry sooooooooo badly at Panera last night but didn't have one because it didn't fit into my daily calories. We'll see how strong I am tonight!


  1. Good job on the not giving in at Panera! You'll get a schedule worked out and you'll be great!

  2. Good job on the not giving in at Panera! You'll get a schedule worked out and you'll be great!