Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Not the Best Week

I'm not having the best week so far. Sunday was great... we met Sarah and her boys at the Holyoke Mall (I actually had all of my boys with me!) and just hung out and had fun but I learned the hard way that my body apparently can't handle fried foods well anymore despite how careful I was to save calories for it.

Monday and Today have been pretty bad in terms of stomach stuff and headaches and I've yet to make it to the gym this week.

I did email with my trainer and she said that as long as I go slowly and safely I can combine push day and leg day into one which will definitely let me organize my schedule better so for this week the plan is push/leg day tomorrow, treadmill Thursday and pull day Friday and then we have the 5K Color Walk/Run Saturday morning.

Because school starts for Gabriel tomorrow (Andy is on Thursday) I won't be able to go right to the gym after work anymore (not on school days anyway). I'll have go get Gabriel, then wait about 45 minutes and then get Charles and THEN I can go to the gym so that's the current plan but it's a pain and I'm really going to miss the after work gym time because it was so nice and quiet and empty then. I think that in terms of gym scheduling I pretty much have to take it one week (or even half a week) at a time.

My head is really acting up again so this is out for now. Hope you're all having a better week than I am!

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