Friday, August 28, 2015

Preparing for "The Color Gauntlet" Wrestling 5K Color Fun Run/Walk" Tomorrow

Okay, so I'm getting ready for the 5K that I will be walking tomorrow. I just want to clarify that I am NOT running or jogging or sprinting or any of that good stuff. I'm walking. probably limping and hopefully not crawling because today's pain day is really, really bad! Today my lower back has screamed at me while both of my knees feel like they have knives going through them. Basically, it sucks.

The plan for the rest of today is to ice the knees and prepare for tomorrow because I AM going and I AM finishing this! Yes, I know, it's not a marathon or anything and I'm not running it but it's my first group-K-anything so it's big to me.

The packet pick-up starts at 7:30 but the run/walk itself isn't until 9:00 so I think we're getting there around 8:00. We get t-shirts and sunglasses and powder, I think. Then it's 3.1 miles along the bike path which is very even, very scenic and very familiar to me as I've walked it many times before.

I'm really looking forward to this (except maybe the powder part... does it stain your hair? Glasses? Shoes?)... and Charles is doing this with me so maybe it'll be like a 'couple-y" thing. Of course if he wants to go ahead of me because he's way faster and not being dragged down by crappy knees, he's more than welcome too. I won't get upset.

So, let's get ready...

1) Workout clothes - check
2) ID - check
3) Iphone (mostly for pictures!) - check of course (never leave home without it!)
4) Water bottle- check
5) My Velcro ankle braces - probably a good idea
6) Money for coffee afterwards - um, maybe Charles has some?
7) Advil - check, check and check - never leave home without that either!
8) Determination - absolutely!

edited to add:

9) Iphone - - uncheck and save for after because I don't want powder to get into it
10) Sneakers and shorts I don't care about just in case - check
11) Sunscreen - check
12) Towels to sit on it the car afterwards - check
13) Hair thingie to put hair up - check
13) Have fun!! - check!

Am I forgetting anything now?

Be ready for tomorrow, there will be tons of photos on here and on my Instagram and a nice, long blog post about the walk itself later tomorrow evening!

Off to ice my knees now!

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