Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Color Gauntlet" Wrestling 5K Color Fun Run/Walk

The 5K was a lot of fun, I didn't come in last (almost though) and I made better time than I expected! I also learned some important things for next year but here's basically how it went...

The day started off cool and foggy which I actually loved because I'm more sensitive to heatstroke and sunburn thanks to one of my meds.

We got there by 8-ish and I really, really wish I'd gotten some coffee first but I didn't want to deal with needing a bathroom break during the walk but I wasn't exactly awake here lol. At one point in time, while staring at my phone that had the time right where I was looking, I asked Charles what time it was lol.

So anyway, we signed in, grabbed our shirts (I guess I ordered one that was big enough because it stretched down to my knees and the sleeves came down over my elbows but I like huge shirts so I was happy) and I grabbed some photos of the set up.

I wanted to make sure I got "before" and "after" photos of both just me and of myself and Charles and we were able to do that easily. I also knew that I had to ziplock bag my phone so whatever photos I wanted had to be taken before the walk started.

I am ready!!

Wow, white is not a good color for me ;)

A lot of people were grabbing their packets of color and throwing them at each other but we kind of avoided that. I really didn't want it on my glasses and we knew more color would come and then we got started. I'm really glad I remembered to start the fitbit timer thing because I wanted my walk info for later.

The bike path is beautiful and scenic so it was a great place to walk. We held back so the runners could take off first and were mostly toward the back. I tried to keep a reasonable pace but had to stop and stretch a little while into it which means I didn't stretch enough when I got started.

The whole time we were towards the back of the pack which I expected so I was okay with it. It was still cool and foggy which I was thrilled with but I think Charles wanted the sun because he's used to walking out in the heat (hence the hat).

It was a little strange to be walking without music because I try to match my walks on the treadmill to the rhythm of whatever song I'm listening too but it was also nice to listen to the birds and an occasional squirrel and to the cars that honked at us as they drove by. There were several "color stations" and they did a great job of not hitting me in the face since I would say "not the face" every time I passed one lol. 

I actually hit my groove like I do on the treadmill about 20-25 minutes in? I didn't check the time at all as I walked, not on the fitbit or the Iphone, and I'm not sure if that helped me or not. It was probably the smarter thing to do because if I saw whatever time it was and felt I had to go faster it wouldn't have been good for my feet.

I know my calves hurt pretty badly almost right away, then the ankles and knees kicked in but it wasn't a massive pain. It was the kind of pain that would make me slow down on the treadmill and drop my incline amount but I didn't have treadmill info to rely on which was actually kind of weird.

At some points during the walk I felt good and like I can really do this and at other times my mantra was something like "ow, ow, ow.... these shoes suck... my feet hurt so bad....oh my calves... ow, ow, ow..." You get the idea lol but I knew I was going to keep going no matter what (well, barring any emergencies) and I did. 

There was a 1-mile sign along the way, the sun came out, we walked down a part of the path I'd never been on before and the place where we turned around had water. People were also very encouraging and we yelled encouragement at the runners and eventually the faster walkers as they passed as going back as we were still going forward.

I actually grabbed a photo on the way back of the scenic waterfall area but that only held me up by half a minute (probably why it's kind of blurry).

So, the way back people passed us and passed us and eventually there were only two people behind us :/ I wasn't worried about it too much because the "ow, ow, ow" mantra was getting louder and the ankle and knee pain was kicking in. It was pretty much just "keep can do this...just keep going...just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." ;) Also, my left foot fell asleep as I walking. How the heck do your feet fall asleep during a walk?? It's done that on the treadmill too so I guess I should ask my trainer or my doctor or someone about that sometime.

I was hoping I wasn't holding Charles back (I probably was) but he stuck with me which was really nice and we got to just walk and chat and have a great morning! We did eventually make it back, dragging a little, and came in a little ahead of the people behind us. I didn't realize the walk part was timed to be an hour long or I probably would have gone faster :/.

When I turned off my fitbit and saw that my time was 1.15 I was shocked! That's way faster than I ever did on the treadmill so I was thrilled. Then I had a little time to stretch and then people were being gathered to take a giant group photo and after that we got our own "after" pic. Also, I had to drag Charles into the group photo but eventually he went lol!

Woooo!!! I finished with a good time and I wasn't last!!!!

Afterwards there was a group of musicians (Jon Farnham and friend) and a food truck (The Silver Bullet) with lots and lots of people tossing color around... 

and then a big group got together to throw the color on the count of five which I got the most awesome photo of...


And then I basically just wanted to go and get some coffee!!! And maybe some ice cream so we took off (we rinsed off outside with the hose once we got home).

Right now I have blisters and sore knees and ankles. About an hour after getting home I realized that I was freezing cold (is that normal?) so I crawled under a blanket and took a nice, well deserved nap! 

I'm actually already looking forward to next year (and being able to compare photos and definitely seeing some huge differences)!

So, what would I have done differently or will do differently next time?

1) Wear better shoes!!! I grabbed a pair of sneakers I had laying around that I haven't work in ages because I didn't want the color powder on my every day sandals and I definitely didn't want it on my gym sneakers. So I either need to get my feet used to the other sneakers next time or be ready to wash my more comfortable shoes. I wouldn't have gotten blisters if I were wearing my sandals.

2) Drink my coffee beforehand because coffee makes everything better lol.

3) Get a better case for my phone so I can use it during the walk and not have to worry about the powder getting into it. There's a couple of places I would have like to take pics but I wasn't willing to risk the phone.

4) Know where the turn around point is because it would have been less stressful not wondering where we're supposed to turn or how far away it is.

5) Ask if there's an actual time limit on the walk portion. The entire activity time was 9-1 so I didn't realize the walk part was planned to be from 9-10.

6) Prepare more. Even though I only walked, I definitely could have trained for it more and walked it faster.

7) Wear a hat. There were a lot of areas with no shade when the sun finally came out and that's not good for me (I did remember the sunscreen though!)

8) Wear my Velcro ankle supports. I think they would have helped a lot and I didn't realize I didn't have them until after we started walking... go figure!

Other than that I loved it. It felt great to participate in a sport event, even walking it, and to be able to do something fun with Charles! I think it was a really good turnout and just generally something new for us to do. I can't wait until the next one!!

Fitbit info:
time: 1 hour 15 minutes, distance: 3.18 miles, steps: 7,731 calories burned: 489


  1. So glad you had fun!! I originally figured there would be more folks starting later, so we would stagger the powder parties...but it played out that 99% of the participants were back by 10 or just past. Hey, we know better for next year!

  2. It was great! Thank you for putting on such a great event!!