Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday, August 5th Workout and Some Stuff

Treadmill: 46 minutes, 1.66 distance, 4,046 steps, speed between 1.2 - 2.3 mph, incline between 1 - 2.5.

I wanted to do an hour on the treadmill but my ankle started acting up towards the end of and it was smarter to slow down and then stop than to hurt it. Tomorrow I'm going to wear my ankle braces for more support.

I've organized my calendar so that all my workouts are entered as appointments this week (I'm going week to week depending on what's going on that week) and I prepared today by bringing my gym back with my clothes and shoes to work with me so I could change there and head straight to the gym which gave me an hour to workout before having to pick up Charles from work.

My plan is to do the weights/cardio days on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays (those are my freest days) and just cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (or maybe have an additional day off depending on the week). This allows me to fit things in. Of course there will be weeks when things need to be rearranged but that's the basic plan.

Once school starts I won't be able to go from work to gym because Gabriel will need to be picked up right in the middle of that time so Wednesdays and Fridays the gym will have to be in the evenings but I can live with that.

Tomorrow will be pull day (the day with the most amount of exercises) plus some cardio. On weight days I'm keeping cardio at 30 minutes for now but we'll see how it evolves.

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