Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week Five - Thursday Check-In

Week Five weigh-in:
08/27/2015:        - 0 pound
Total lost:           6.6 pounds
Current Weight: 223.4 pounds

There was no weight loss this week but I can live with that. I won't lose every week and I'm happy not to have a gain.

This week has been a really bad one in terms of health and pain (and today is a really, really, really high pain day) so not many of my goals were accomplished. I've learned that hard way that I can not eat Quest products and that maybe I should get off the treadmill when my knee starts to click and pop with every step. But did I get off the treadmill? No, of course not, why would I listen to common sense? I did slow down but I didn't stop and I'm paying for it today!

I only made it to the gym twice this week, once for strength training and cardio and yesterday just for the treadmill but, like I posted above, yesterday may have been a mistake because my knee hurts twice as badly now.

I still don't have the "before" pictures (I WILL get them done this week!!) that I want but I did track my calories almost every day so that's something.

This coming week there are a lot of appointments between myself and my parents so my goal for the gym is to get there 3 days this week and go from there.

I have the cardiologist on Monday and it'll be interesting to see if they give me the heads up to be able to let my heart rate get higher during workouts. Then my parents have stuff on Tuesday (I drive everyone) and more parent stuff on Thursday.

Right now, thanks to school starting again, the most sensible gym schedule seems to be strength training for an hour on Tuesday and Thursday and cardio for the rest but we'll see how it goes. I'm going to sit down at the start of every week and plan the gym around the other appointments so that should help a lot!

I also have the 5K color run/walk this Saturday and I need my knee to be okay for that! If I have to I'll wear the knee brace but I am NOT skipping it!! My goal for the Color Walk (because I am walking, there's no running involved over here) is to not hurt myself, to have fun and to (please!!!) not come in last! I know that last part shouldn't matter as much as it does but, well, it does!

I think this is all I have for now but stay tuned for lots of other posts this coming week including a review of something tomorrow (I haven't decided what yet so if you have any requests let me know... it could be a DVD workout from the list that I own or a diet/weight loss memoir book from the same list, just let me know).

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