Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week Four - Thursday (new day) Check-In

Week Four weigh-in:
08/20/2015:        - 1 pound
Total lost:           6.6 pounds
Current Weight: 223.4 pounds

You may have noticed that I moved my weigh-in back by a day to Thursdays. Thursday just works better for me and seems to be averaging out to be my most "stable" weight day so that's what I'm going with now.

Also, I'm down another pound this week so woohoo!! And I worked really hard for that pound so I'm happy with it. Now I just need to keep going!

I'm taking a rest day from the gym today (unless I suddenly decide to go this evening like I did on Monday) because my body is tired and I don't want to overdo it and hurt myself. I still need to do "pull" day this week so I'm shooting for tomorrow after work. It's my longest workout day but it should be fine as long as Charles has either a ride home or something to do until I'm done working out.

This working out after work thing is going to have to change next week when school starts because Gabriel will need to be picked up right in the middle of my workout time but I can still find ways to fit them in. It's all about being flexible.

So what did I accomplish from last week's plans? Well, I've been to the gym 3 days out of 7 so far and will definitely do 4 before the week is up, I've tracked calories for 5 days out of 7 and I've definitely been blogging and using social media. The only thing that didn't get done off my list is to get "before" pictures taken with just a sports bra and short so that goes back on the list for this week.

Actually, the list for this week looks almost the same as last week's:

1) 5 days at the gym out of 7
2) get "before" pictures taken in a workout bra and shorts
3) continue blogging and using other social media
4) track calories 5 days out of 7

We also have the Color Walk/Run 5K coming up in just over a week so I'm going to keep working on my treadmill speed to prepare for that!

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