Friday, August 14, 2015

Week Three - Friday Check-In

Week Three weigh-in:
08/14/2015:        - 1.1 pounds
Total lost:           5.6 pounds
Current Weight: 224.4 pounds

Yes! Finally some weight loss! Now if that can just keep happening I would be very happy.

I definitely did not accomplish all the goals I set for myself last week but it's a new week and I'm going to try a lot harder. I only made it to the gym one day this past week and no outdoor walks at all. This past week had a lot of pain days which screwed me up. I also didn't make any homemade meals and I got on the scale almost every day but that's another blog post. I did finally get my measurements and I did track calories and weigh portions so that's something. I also got this blog a "real" name, made Instagram and Twitter accounts to go along with the blog and got my new dog portrait drawing started.

So what am I doing this coming week?

1) 4 days at the gym out of 7
2) get "before" pictures taken in a workout bra and shorts
3) continue blogging and using other social media
4) track calories 5 days out of 7

I'm keeping it simple and basic this week and once I hit all of my goals I can add more. Like I said, I'm getting on the scale daily now and it's not because I'm obsessed with it, it's because I'm finding it easier to track my progress by seeing the various shifts in weight and how the foods and exercise I choose affect those shifts.

I'm also doing a major thing to keep myself accountable by posting a photo of the weight on the scale when I weigh-in on Fridays on Instagram. Whether there's a gain or a loss, that photo will be posted every Friday and knowing everyone who wants to can see that number will absolutely help me stay on track!

I'm really looking forward to getting back to the gym and getting my weight days done this week and I'll be posting about those as I do them.

I think that's all I have for now!

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