Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back Issues Update

My MRI was this morning (I almost fell asleep in it :/) and the doctor had my results by early this afternoon. The MRI showed signs of "lumbar degenerative disc disease" (it's not as scary as it sounds, "Degenerative disc disease in the lumbar spine, or lower back, refers to a syndrome in which a compromised disc causes low back pain") and they're referring me to the DHMC spine clinic.

I'm actually really glad they found something wrong because the pain has gone down (not fully away though, especially in the hip and thigh) and I was worried that they weren't going to find anything and that I was wasting their time.

They only did the lower back so I don't know if they'll need to look at the whole spine eventually since I threw out my neck a couple of months ago.

I had an MRI about ten years ago that showed two protruding discs on the left so this doesn't come as a big surprise and I guess I can just add it on to the fibromyalgia and the migraines and the IBS and all the other chronic crap I deal with. I know there's several ways of dealing with this from exercises, to shots to chiropractors, massage and who knows what else.

I emailed with my trainer and she wants me to find out what my strength training limitations are, whether I can use bands or weights and body weight for now, so that's one of the questions I'm writing down for the spine clinic. In the meantime I'm calling physical therapy back tomorrow and setting up another appointment with them.

I also know that losing weight will help a lot so I'm refocusing my efforts on that. This week my goal is to up my protein because that's going very badly for me. I don't eat eggs, hate Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, I'm not thrilled with lunch meat (too much makes me feel like throwing up), hell, meat in general isn't my favorite thing in large portions so I'm looking at all sorts of other options (beans, cheese, fish, protein shakes?). I'm doing okay cutting back on the carbs but the protein thing is proving to be a real problem.

At least things are hurting less now!

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