Wednesday, September 23, 2015

No More "Cheat" Anything

I'm done with it. Done with cheat meals that extend to cheat days.  Done with cheat days that extend to cheat weekends. Done with cheat weekends that extend to cheat weeks... you guys get the point although, to be honest, I've kept it at two cheat days lately but that is still way too much.

I think out of everything I'm doing and trying to lose weight, it's the cheat days that are slowing me down and messing me up. I don't track calories on those days. I just eat and eat and eat but what I need to accept is that all those calories count whether or not I'm tracking them.

I may think that I'm only getting so many calories a day but if I were to actually count the cheat day calories and then average them out with the rest of the whole week I would end seeing that I'm eating, on average, way, way, way more than I'm logging. Of course that's going to screw with my weight loss! What else could I expect!?

So I'm done with them. After writing a blog post to "dear cheat day me"  two and a half weeks ago I thought I could just do a cheat meal but I can't. The meal sends me off into an entire day and so on, so it all needs to go.

I'm thinking that if I'm seriously craving something I can try to have a little bit of it (and buy a little bit of it so there leftovers aren't there to call my name) and track it and if there's some kind of special occasion coming up that involves food I can plan for it but other than that my days will now all be regular calorie counting days. Hopefully I'll see a difference in the weight loss and in how I feel doing it this way and the reevaluate in a couple of months!

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