Friday, September 11, 2015

Update on Back and Hip Issues

I saw my doctor this afternoon and lets just say the exam proved to be very painful. Especially when the doctor tried to show me that my back was more painful than my hip by pressing down on the hip area. I think my screaming showed him he was wrong and he kept apologizing for that for the rest of the visit so we're good.

Basically, I am in major pain, especially when sitting up or down, being in the car, raising my leg in any way or generally just existing. During certain movements I feel like a knife is being stabbed into the place where my hip and my thigh meet and it still hurts throughout the left side of my back, my waist and my butt and is now making it's way down along the rest of my left thigh.

My doctor thinks it's a pinched nerve in my back and is sending me for an MRI next week as soon as they can get me in. In the meantime I get to suffer because he doesn't want me on any narcotic drugs thanks to all the psych meds that I am on (and they make me sick anyway so I'm good with this). I really can't picture myself on the bathroom floor throwing up from pain meds while my back, hip and thigh scream at me. It'll probably hurt less to just not take the pills altogether. If it is a pinched nerve he'll be sending me to a spine clinic... if it's not then I have no idea.

I am also being sent to physical therapy AGAIN but I'm not allowed to do any serious gym workouts that will affect my back, thigh or hip. I may as well have my own chair in PT by now or maybe my own bed or something. My guess is that I could end up in the therapy pool again but I won't know until I actually meet with them (also sometime next week).

So I'm in pain and I'm upset and I'm pissed off that this happened and that I'll be starting all over again when I can finally come back to the gym. Today I'm at the stage where I'm whining that things are unfair because, damn it, it's NOT fair!!!

I was going to the gym, I was being careful, I was working out and counting calories and doing everything right and all I did was freaking vacuum. That's it! How is that fair??

Oh, and also my doctor wants me on a low-carb diet as of today because he wants as much weight off my body as quickly as possible in a healthy way and feels that's the best way to go so I guess I'm off to research some low-carb recipes and completely re-plan the way I eat. Any advice or ideas on the low-carbing are more then welcome.

That's all I have for today.


  1. Low carber daily group. The LCD group. It's a forum on here that I belong to. Very helpful!!

  2. Low carber daily group. The LCD group. It's a forum on here that I belong to. Very helpful!!