Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week Nine - Thursday Check-In

Week Nine weigh-in:
09/24/2015:        +2 pound
Total lost:           6.6 pounds
Current Weight: 223.4 pounds

Well, it's incredibly disappointing and discouraging to see this number and on the scale again and to have to face this gain. The only positive there is, is that I know I didn't eat enough to gain two pounds of fat. And I know that giving up "cheat" days and meals will help get that number back down.

Other than that I don't really have a lot to say. I'm going to physical therapy in about two hours and hoping for some good exercises I can do and maybe being allowed back in the gym (outside of the pool. I'm really not liking the pool).

My goals for this coming week are no cheat days and hitting my calorie goal every day. I can't really plan for exercise right now and so far this morning has proven to be pretty depressing.

On the plus side, it's really good to have a diagnosis for this back stuff and to know that we're going to actually deal with it.

Edited to add that I've decided to consolidate my last nine weeks of weight loss/gain/loss/gain on my "weigh-ins and measurements" page into one line because all it did was shift up and down by a few pounds and this take up less room and is less depressing to look at. I will continue the weekly weigh-in count from where it is though.

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