Monday, October 19, 2015

It Was Quite a Weekend

As you guys probably know the weekend started out great and then went downhill fast (somewhat literally).

We started out by going to the Yankee Candle Factory and luckily got there before it got too busy. I'm only been there once before and Charles never had so we had it planned out for a while now. I made sure to take some photos since we don't have many of us doing stuff but the pictures that someone took of the two of us together didn't come out at all :(

                                                             Us in the car :)

In front of the pumpkins. I realized yesterday that my hair here is the same color as the pumpkins!

The whole Yankee Candle Place is gorgeous! There's tons of plants and pumpkins and little areas to sit outside and it was an absolutely beautiful day to begin with... like the perfect fall day!

The store was really nice inside as well but really crowded and it just got worse as time went on. I have to say that my favorite rooms were the medieval one with the gargoyles and Christmas trees ones with the waterfall. I was too short to get good pictures with any of the fun stuff but I did get one shot of a tree behind me!

                                                      Me with the trees.

I also really wanted to bring home this bear so I could freak out the cats but he was too expensive lol.

      The bear and I... also, I can totally see my jeans getting looser in this photo!

There were some absolutely gorgeous glass ornaments in one of the rooms but we decided to go with something less breakable. It's funny, but we picked out the same ornament to get at almost the same time! A really beautiful cello ornament that will look perfect on our tree!

After buying fudge and checking out every room we moved on because it was getting super crowded in there. We decided to grab lunch as Applebee's so no low carb was going on but it was pretty cool that I was full after eating half my meal. I keep seeing little bits of progress everywhere!

After that we went to take pictures of train stuff. Charles had found a small, off the beaten path place where there were railroad things and trains and all sorts of fun stuff so that's where we went and where it all went wrong. But first... photos...of course Charles got the good photos, mine were all taken by phone!

So what exactly happened? Well, we were walking past the main railroad area and chatting and then my ankle turned out under me and I went flying on to my left knee, lower leg, hip and left hand, flat down. The knee was scraped and bleeding, the hand hurt and the ankle killed. I was hoping it was just twisted but it's a sprain.

I didn't really step funny or trip on anything, my ankle just decided to give away like it sometimes does and, of course, since it's been a while since it happened I wasn't wearing any ankle braces.

So I limped to the car and we ended up going home which kind of sucked.

I'm now on day three of this injury. The ankle is definitely sprained and in a Velcro brace and walking/sling/air cast thing...

The knee is bruised, scraped and hurting. My lower back in aching, my hand, thumb and fingers ache and I'm mad and upset and in a lot of pain but the ankle is the worst. I had to do a lot of walking today and now it's way more swollen and painful.

I can't do my regular workouts, obviously, and the plank challenge thing isn't going to happen either. I emailed with my trainer and I guess I'll be using the pool once things start to heal up, especially pool exercise classes. Once the ankle is healed I'll be able to workout the way I was before but in the meantime I can't do anything but sit here and complain.

The scale has also creeped up by a few pounds so that's bugging me as well. I'll be happy to break even this week when I weigh in.

So that was the anniversary weekend. At least the first half of it was great!

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