Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Been a Long Week...

...and it's only Wednesday.

Let's start with the biggest thing first. This is our new (to us) car...

She's a 2011 Chevy Impala and she drives beautifully, has front seats that warm up and is generally newer and nice than our Honda. We loved our Honda but after 3 appointments for repairs in four weeks, basically emptying out our savings account and looking at more repairs and costs piling up, it was time to move on. Hopefully this car will hold out a little longer before falling apart left and right.

But... and this is pretty big but (no jokes here people!!) she is more expensive so one of the things that had to go was my gym membership. Frankly, I'm okay with this. Between the back injury and the knee injury and the ankle injury I've barely been able to get to the gym anyway and I have tons of DVDs and equipment to use at home. I also have all the workouts my trainer built with me and for me and most can all be done at home (excluding weight machines obviously).

This isn't going to stop me from exercising at all, it'll just have to be done differently and I believe that the therapy pool will still be open to me for free as a resident of Springfield. Plus I like working out at home. I also have bike paths available to me and just at home I have: various resistance bands including the good ones with hand and ankle straps that  can attach to a door if I need too, my weights that range from 2lbs - 10lbs (I really want to get heavier ones with time), the reclining workout bench, the big ball, yoga mat, step bench, ankle and wrist weights as well as punching gloves, yoga straps and blocks, a recumbent bike (that has seen better days :/) and an elliptical as well as well over 25 workout DVDs plus all the free workouts you can find online. I definitely won't be hurting for equipment! I do have more I'd like to get eventually but right now I'm good to go, especially since I'm limited in what I can do while my back and ankle heals.

What else has been gong on? Well, I started a new pug portrait commission and I've done really well with the low carb thing. On the downside I'm pushed my ankle and back really hard because I had so much stuff to deal with so I'll be doing a lot of resting, elevating and icing the ankle through the rest of this week.

Tomorrow if my weigh-in day and I'm hoping for at least a 1 pound loss but right now I am SO sick of meat and cheese and tuna that I'm desperately seeking other foods to eat. One of the bloggers/Instagramers I have follow has an amazing recipe for a twice-baked cauliflower thing so I'll be making that this week and hopefully that should help. I'm just so tired of the stuff I've been eating (except the shrimp. I can always eat more shrimp lol) so I need to figure something out!

And in less than two weeks we'll be visiting Sarah for the weekend.... wooohoooo!!

That's all I have for today but tune in tomorrow to see how my weight loss went this week!

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