Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week Ten - Thursday Check-In

Week Ten weigh-in:
10/01/2015:        -1.6 pound
Total lost:           8.2 pounds
Current Weight: 221.8 pounds

Happy October 1st! This week showed a good loss and I think I can thank taking away the cheat day for that. And let me tell you guys, taking away that cheat day was hard! I didn't realize how much I trained my body to stuff myself every Thursday (and usually Friday of not more) and my body was demanding that stuffing when it didn't come. I had to take it hour by hour and some days minute by minute but I did it!

I did end up staying at the high end of my daily calorie goal almost every day though and I went over my planned calories by a couple hundred on two days so I want to avoid that this week. I'm okay with being at the top of my calorie range but I don't want to go over again.

I finally admitted to myself that I need to start preparing healthy food if I want to eat it. It's not going to magically show up in my fridge when I feel like having it and to get started on the right foot I prepped four "Epic" salads this afternoon. Now I have four ready to eat meals. I also planned out my breakfasts and dinners for at least three days (depending on how often I want to eat the same food). I'm fully ready to take this hour by hour again if I have to!

Along with the eating I'm allowed to go back to the gym and I can't wait for my band training session tomorrow! As long as I'm doing okay I want to be back there five days a week even if for a short, simple workout. Our workout Facebook group has also decided to do the step challenge again this month so that'll get me moving. It always does as long as I don't get hurt again!

Today's step challenge is 2,000 steps and I'm already past that so yay! Now to keep moving forward!