Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week Three Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month One)

Week Three Weigh-In:
10/22/2015:         +0.6 pound
Total lost:             12.4 pounds
Current Weight: 217.6 pounds

Okay, so I gained just over half a pound and I take responsibility for the majority of it. So what did I do wrong this past week?

1) I didn't preplan as much so my carbs were a little higher (still under 46 a day) and my protein was a little lower than the last 2 weeks. I also need way more fiber but I did great with sugar!

2) I barely got any vegetables, once again because of lack of planning.

3) I got hurt and the swelling in the ankle isn't helping the scale go down!

4) no gym or major walking, once again, due to getting hurt.

5) my "anniversary date" ended up turning into a cheat day because I wanted it to be and then I was in pain and feeling sorry for myself. Next time that we eat out I am preplanning and sticking with the low carb thing instead of letting myself go a little bit crazy since it's a going out day anyway. I did eat much smaller portions but the carb count was crazy!

6) I let a few too many Dunkin Donut coffees sneak their way in. Most of them were black with me adding my own tiny bit of sugar and half and half but at least two were ordered with stuff included and while I counted that as stuff I asked for, I have no way to be sure what really went into them.  I can honestly say I didn't have any donuts or food though, just the coffee.

So how am I going to deal with all this?

1) I'm not going to get mad at myself. I made some mistakes and I can go forward from here.

2) I'm already preplanning this weeks' meals, including reworking my "epic" salad to lower the carbs and shopping ahead of time to make the meals work. I will have at least 4 big salad meals this week which will help with health and fiber!

3) No Dunkin Donuts this week!!!

4) Focus on my abs and core this week for exercise. It's about all I can at this point in time.

5) Rest the stupid ankle so it can start healing.

Speaking of the ankle, I saw my doctor and am now in an air cast that I pretty much have to wear for at least six weeks. I also need to keep an eye on the swelling and if the sharp pain kicks in again they'll do x-rays. In another week or so I should be able to exercise in the pool at the gym and then work with my trainer again to build up my body and make the ankle stronger.

I also plan on blogging more this week. This past week was a little quiet around here!

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