Tuesday, November 10, 2015

General Stuff

This will not be long as it hurts to type...

The weekend was a lot of fun. I stuck with the low carb thing and was even able to work in half a slice of cake for Gabriel's birthday without an issue and, shockingly, half a slice was enough!

I also must have done something right over the weekend because the scale continues to go down... I'm not sharing numbers until my official weigh-in on Thursday though.

We had a lot of fun wandering the mall (had to make it shorter than normal thanks to the ankle) and decided that Sarah and I need to go back to do Christmas shopping without kids sometime in December lol.

Sarah and Dom's remodeled house is absolutely gorgeous and makes me wish we could do more with ours!

Their kids were funny and pleasant as always and so were mine.

The car did awesome on the highway (although some freaking idiot nearly ran us off the road because he decided to wanted my lane in a spot where there was NOWHERE for me to go!! Luckily it worked out but it wasn't fun in that moment!).

The car actually goes into the shop on Thursday to get a new windshield and we're working on a list to give them of anything else that might need to be repaired (still paid by the dealership since this is happening after we took it home but before they were done with the things they were supposed to pay for) so Thursday I'll be driving a loaner (please NOT that pickup!!).

The arm hurts worse every day and the pain has now moved along to the forearm, wrist and fingers with the fingers occasionally falling asleep as they please. Did I mention this is my dominant hand?

I had to cancel the pug commission I had going and can't do any art work at this time. I'm not even going to talk about how much that sucks.

This is all I have because the fingers are hurting more the more I type. Until later!

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