Friday, November 20, 2015

How I'm Doing Low Carb

Well, it's Friday and I don't have anything to review so I decided to write this post. I've had several people asking me about what I'm doing and how I'm doing it this week and what better place to put it than here. Keep in mind that everything I do is up for evaluation and reevaluation as time passes and my body changes but here is what I've been doing for the last seven or so weeks.

1) I track everything I eat on My Fitness Pal. I changed my settings when I started low carb to match the info I found online so I can keep an eye on the most important things. I track calories, carbs, protein, fat, fiber and sugar. I keep my calories at 1350 and under and my carbs under 49 grams a day. I try to get as much protein as possible and while I keep track of fiber, sugar and fat they aren't that important to me and pretty much work themselves out based on my protein and carbs.

2) I count whole carbs and not net carbs (carbs minus fiber) when doing all my planning. I pay attention to the net carbs at the end of the day and write them down and eventually I may switch over to just net carbs but this is working for me right now. So for example, today my carb total was 38 but my net total was 28.

3) I read nutrition labels on everything possible looking at calories, protein and carbs and figure out how many servings (or partial servings I can have). If it doesn't have a nutrition label I look it up. Nothing goes in my mouth without knowing its nutrition.

4) I weigh and /or measure all my food. I have a food scale and, of course, measuring cups and spoons. Even if something has a nutrition label I weigh it anyway (unless it's liquid where I measure it) because I've found that a lot of the time the serving size on the nutrition label is off and doesn't match what it's supposed to be.

5) I plan and plan and replan, adding, subtracting and planning some more. This may sound tedious and annoying to people but without this I make food mistakes and, frankly, I like the planning. I've found that if I don't preplan my meals and just grab something, I'm very likely to go over my allowed nutrition amount. I especially plan carefully if I'll be eating out (which doesn't happen very often) and before buying groceries. Once you get used to doing this it actually doesn't take up as much time as you'd think.

6) There are certain foods I haven't eaten since I started low carb ( bread, pizza, chips or snacky foods like chips, ice cream, pastries, pie, donuts) but I can always make an allowance. If there was some amazing bread or something I could have a small piece as long as I work it into my nutrients. The same goes for dessert.

7) I read a lot of articles, blogs and message boards about low carb and keto because I love to keep learning and like I said, I love researching things.

8) I weigh-in every day so I can see where I stand and if I need to tweak something that week but I only count the weight I am on Thursdays because that's my official weigh-in day. I'm also taking progress photos, well, I haven't fully decided on how often but my next set will be when I hit a 20 pound loss.

9) I like discovering little things that I can add or subtract to lower the carb amount. For example, I found out that half & half has less carbs than milk so that's what goes into my coffee now.

10) I found a protein bar that I love (Power Crunch bars) and I always make sure I have some around (they taste amazing frozen) because it's easier to stick a protein bar into my purse on my way to work than to stop by Dunkin Donuts and grabs something way more unhealthy.

11) I have my Instagram which keeps me motivated and I follow a lot of people on there who do low carb and keto and give me great ideas for recipes and meals.

12) I working on exercising again and I know that will help me lose weight but that will have to be another blog post.

13) I take the advice of of people who have done this before me and have succeed and I stay open minded to new ideas.

I think that basically covers it and this may look somewhat obsessive to some people but it's what works for me and after more than a year of nothing really working and doing nothing but gaining weight or losing the same 3 or 4 pounds, this is great. On top of that I feel much healthier and in less pain so I'm not about to stop this.

I hope this helps someone and keep in mind, you don't have to be as focused and detailed as I am to succeed. Everyone needs to find their own way!


  1. I'm so glad it could help and you can ask me anymore questions or just get some support at any time!