Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Heart Goes Out to the People of Paris...

... the lost, the survivors, the ones mourning their losses and the ones still trapped in the unknown, praying, hoping and waiting to hear.

To the ones who lived through it and the ones who did not make it.

To the ones who were there and the ones watching it unfold from afar.

To the ones now mourning and the ones thankful for another chance.

To the ones who sit by the sides of the wounded, the ones hugging their families, the ones who made it home and the ones who will never be home again.

To all the families, friends and loved ones of those who will now be mourned and never forgotten, the ones who must now find a way to say goodbye, to move forward and to continue the lives that have been torn apart and will never be the same.

And to all the ones I may be forgetting... prayers, my thoughts and my well wishes are with you. We stand beside you and may the memory of all those who were lost be eternal.

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