Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week Five Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Two)

Week Five Weigh-In:
11/05/2015:         -1 pound
Total lost:             14.6 pounds
Current Weight:   215.4 pounds

One more pound down and so close to a 15 pound loss! Definitely next week lol. Considering how Halloween went I'm thrilled to have lost a whole pound and my only "cheat" this week will be a small dessert (actually half of a small dessert) at Sarah's for Gabriel's birthday.

My plans for this week are simple. Keep following the low carb plan and counting calories. Keep blogging and Instagramming and just stick to what works. I also want to work on some new recipes which just didn't happen this week (like the cauliflower bake I had planned). Luckily all the ingredients will last until next week so I'm not wasting food.

I have been working on resting the ankle more but tomorrow will involved work, an hour and a half drive (sprained ankle is my driving one) plus walking around the mall so the plan is to super rest it on Saturday.

I also want to go through the workouts my trainer taught me and convert them for at-home workouts. For example, I need to find out what can replace the lat pull down and the leg press and extensions (plus other exercises) since I don't have machines at home. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out, I just need to spend some time focusing on it.

So basically, I am loving low carb and I'm very happy with the weight loss. I know a lot of people lose faster on low carb but this is steady weight loss and with the meds I'm on and various injuries I'm doing better than I ever expected!

So, to all of you who suggested low carb to me and pushed me to try it, thank you! Yes, you guys were right! I just had to find my own way to it but I couldn't/wouldn't have done it without your advice and help!!

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