Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bad Food Choices

Some days I still make bad food choices. Thursday was one of those days. I bought some chips (I haven't had chips in forever). It wasn't a single serving bag but it also wasn't one of those big bags... more of an in between... maybe 3 servings?

Anyway, I ate the chips. They were okay. I won't be wasting calories and carbs on them in the future but I wanted to have them and so I had them.

Big, big mistake.

Within a half hour of eating them I was scrounging around the kitchen because I could not stop eating. All I wanted to do is keep stuffing food in my mouth and so I ate and ate and ate. It didn't turn into a full binge and I think my saving grace (since somehow I did not gain weight from this) was that the majority of what I ate was still low carb, so despite the massive amount of food, it sort of worked with my body.

And then the pain kicked in...headache, joint pain, back pain... was it from the extra carbs and crap I was eating? I don't know but I feel much better today after getting back on track yesterday.

So, what have I learned here?

1) Well, I'm not perfect sometimes I will mess up. Sometimes I will even plan the mess ups. But I will and can get right back on track.

2) I don't want to waste nutrients and calories on chips again, they're not worth it.

3) I feel like crap when I eat crap.

Being back on tracks feels great though and that's where I plan to stay (at least until our Chinese food dinner on Christmas... Christmas is a break day!!).

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