Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week Nine Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Three)

Week Nine Weigh-In:
12/03/2015:         -2.2 pound
Total lost:             23.6 pounds
Current Weight:   206.4 pounds

Another 2.2 pounds down!! My short term goal is to hit 205 lbs and then my medium term goal is to hit 200 by Christmas and I'm right on track for that to happen!

I'm also (as I posted to Facebook and Instagram last night) now wearing my size 14 jeans. Not a 14 W from the "large" section but a regular 14 petite. I don't even know when I wore these jeans before or how long ago it was but I would say quiet a few years and they look and feel brand new so I'm guessing I bought them right before a gain and just put them away for sometime in the future. Well, the future is now!!

I'm doing really well with the step challenge and I wanted to add more exercise in but a spot right under my right shoulder blade is feeling iffy and there's a spot on the left side of my back as well that's kind of pulling so I may just do the steps for now, at least until I see the spine clinic people next week. Doing the step challenge is a great start anyway.

I'm also doing much better with the med change and the withdrawal symptoms are just about gone.

This week my plans remain as they have been; stick with low carb, walk and hold off on the other stuff unless it's with my trainer or if my back doing better.

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