Sunday, January 17, 2016

I Need Encouragement and Advice Please - RE: Low-Carb

I need some serious encouragement, advice, ideas... I don't know what else.

All this week, and especially today, I've been getting more and more discouraged and burnt out over low-carb. Today was due to our coffee hour at church. There was a ton of food (lots of leftpvers from yesterday's baby shower there) but 99% was off-limits to me because of low carb. I sat there watching people eat overflowing plates of delicious food, most of which I haven't touched in the 15 weeks I've been doing this low carb thing, and I was just... sad.

Now, granted, I could have prepared better and brought some stuff for myself to eat but it just felt... unfair I guess. I wanted some of those things too! I actually ended up not having anything, not even the couple opf things I could have, because, outside of low carb, I couldn't weigh or measure anything and I'm so used to doing those things now I couldn't even eat one thing with that option being gone (I may need to discuss this with my therapist :/).

But the point is, I'm tired and I miss regular food. Not the junk food I used to eat, not ice cream or chips or any of that. I miss bread. The good bread, fresh bread from a bakery or from the oven. I miss sweet potatoes (and at times regular potatoes). I miss fruit. I miss muffins and croissants and all sorts of bakery items. I miss pasta. I miss pizza. I miss eating burgers on actual buns. I miss being able to just sit down and enjoy a variety of food. I miss it all, the food, the taste, the ease of being able to just grab something.

I'm so sick of chicken and tuna and cheese and shrimp (I never in my life thought I'd be tired of shrimp). I'm sick of numbers... calories, carbs, protein, grams, pounds, ounces, measuring, weighing, never eating anything without figuring out all the nutrients but I know I'll never keep losing weight without knowing them all.

I know that low carb has been incredible good for me, not just in terms of weight loss but in terms of my health, with far less headaches, far less body pain, no major food obsessions and all the stuff I wrote about before. I admit that it's been the best thing for me "diet-wise" that I've ever tried but I'm tired and worn out and just...tired.

Will I ever be able to eat "normally"? Will I really not have any more bread for the rest of my life? Can there be another way?

Could eating more carbs, but still keeping them low work for me or would it totally set me back? Is it possible to eat everything in moderation while counting calories and lose weight that way? I don't even know because I tried that over and over again and failed.

I understand that low-carb has had a huge positive impact on my life and on my health. But I'm really, seriously missing a lot of food right now and I'm not sure if I should be ignoring that or if I should try to do something about it.  Is it time to modify my plan or should I just go along the way I have been? Is there room for experimentation or am I locked into this obsessive (to me) plan?

To clarify, I don't want to quit low carb, I guess I'm questioning if there's some room for more carbs than what I've been having?


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