Monday, January 18, 2016

Thank You and an Update

I want to thank everyone who reached out to me over Facebook, GooglePlus, Instagram, email and in person about yesterday's blog post with their thoughts, ideas and support. It means a huge amount to know I have so many people backing me up and willing to listen!

Here's what I've decided on. I am going to continue with low carb like I have been because it has made a tremendous difference in my health; physical and mental, and it's really helping me lose weight but I am going to mix things up a bit.

Basically, I realized that it wasn't low carb itself that I'm burnt out on, it's more eating the same few foods over and over and over again (excluding the Powercrunch bars that I could easily eat several times a day every day lol). So the plan is to check out some new foods and recipes, at least one new recipe a week, which will also help with my Sunday posts because I'm running out of food to write about. I have quiet a few low carb recipe blogs that I follow and I've been given the name of some cookbooks to check out so this should be easy to do.

I also realized that the fun and excitement of learning and doing something new is gone and now I'm down to the really hard, boring work of losing weight. It takes effort to repeat this diet thing day after day and week after week and now that I'm used to what I'm doing, it's kind of dragging, but life can't always be fun and I know I need this to keep losing weight (I still have 72 pounds to go)!

I'm also going to relax the weighing/measuring obsession a bit. There were foods at the coffee hour yesterday I could have eaten a little off but I refused because I couldn't weigh and measure it and that's pushing the obsession envelope a bit too much. There's no reason why I couldn't have had a couple of little things and guessed at them. One day wouldn't have killed me and most likely wouldn't have affected my weight at all. So, at home and wherever else I can, I'll keep weighing and measuring but when I'm out where I have to estimate, that's allowable. I can't lock myself into a serious obsession because that's just not healthy!

Also, looking at my macros, I could raise my carbs by 10-15 grams on some days and still lose weight because I would still end up under 50 grams for NET carbs. I don't want to do that often but it is something I need to keep in mind in order to open up my food choices a little bit. My sister also gave me some great ideas for low carb snacks that I hadn't considered before like sugar-free jello with a little whipped cream. I normally avoid sugar-free stuff because of all the chemicals but once in a while should be okay.

As for missing bread and fruit, well, a tiny piece of bread once a month or so should be okay and I can research and divide some fruit into low-carb portions if I really want to.

So, basically, I'm really happy I opened up to how I was feeling and for how much help and support I got from that post. I have tons of great ideas now and I'm actually excited to be doing this again so, once again, thank you all of you!!

You rock and I hope I can be there for all of you the way you have been for me!

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