Thursday, January 7, 2016

Week Fourteen Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Four)

Week Fourteen Weigh-In:
01/07/2016:         - 4.0 pounds
Total lost:             27.2 pounds
Current Weight:   202.8 pounds

Yes!! Not only did I lose all the Christmas weight but I dropped another half pound on top of that! I am SO close to 200 and then Onederland!!! It's so close that I can almost taste it (and it tastes better than any food I've ever had ;)).

I have to say that I worked very hard for this loss. My macros were on target every day and I made a huge effort to really up my protein and keep my carbs low and even and it feels great when hard work pays off!

I also started working out (as you saw in my previous post) and today is actually leg day again. I'm looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time, especially the monster walk and the lunges, but I can do this!!

My next short-term goal is obviously 200 lbs and I'm going to keep going with the small goals of 5 pound increments because it seems to work really well for me. My plan for this week is to continue with what I was doing last week with the one exception of my birthday which is tomorrow. I'm going to have one, small, delicious piece of tiramisu. Just one square from the store bakery. Last year I would have eaten the entire cake so this is huge for me and I've already figured out its nutrients and macros.

I'm also going to add a second workout day with my trainer on Monday (weather permitting) and give my walking DVDs a very careful try.

This is going to be my year! I know it!

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