Thursday, January 28, 2016

Week Seventeen Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Four)

Week Seventeen Weigh-In:
01/28/2016:         - 1.8 pounds
Total lost:             30.6 pounds
Current Weight:   199.4 pounds

Onederland! I finally hit onederland!!! Yes, it took more than a month after I had originally planned for it but it finally happened and I feel great!

This is the first time my weight has started with a one since July of 2010! I also hit my short term goal of my next five pound loss and passed the 30 pound loss!

My next short-term goal is another five pounds for a 35 pound loss and the medium term goal is now a 50 pound loss!

One of the things that I'm really excited about is that the last few serious times I've tried to lose weight I gave up before hitting 25 pounds and now I'm passed 30 and still going strong! Low carb has completely changed my life and despite missing carbs and occasionally craving carbs I'm going to keep going with it and with exercising!

I've also come to realize that in the last couple of weeks my blog has gotten pretty boring. It's mostly recipes, exercise descriptions and weigh-in days along with motivational quiets so I seriously need to work on some decent content and I promise to do that in this coming week.

I still haven't tried any new recipes so that's coming up as well.

As for exercise, I wanted to do Push day today but I'm really not feeling great right now so I may move it to tomorrow but that's the beauty of splitting up the workouts into several days, I can take a rest day when I need one and then just pick right up again!

Also, this Saturday I'm going to be at the mall with Sarah (and spending the night at her house) as a belated birthday thing so I have to celebrate getting under 200 lbs, just NOT with food!! Maybe a cute top or something, we'll see!

So excited and pumped today! Woohoo!

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