Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekend Update - No Recipes This Week

Hello all! I'm tired from the weekend and from driving so instead of a weekly recipe I'm just posting about my weekend which was great!

The mall was a blast because we were "child-free"for the day so we ended up checking out all sorts of stores we never normally go too (and let me tell you guys, Spencer's does NOT keep all the, ahem, "adult" stuff ;) ;) in the back anymore, a lot of it is out in the front as you walk in and the stuff in the back... let's just say they did not display those things that was when I was younger!)

Anyway, I got some really cute (and very bright) workout clothes that actually fit me properly (also got a workout top as one of my birthday gifts from Sarah) and I'll have some pics taken with those on this week. The best part is that everything we bought was either on a huge sale or on clearance so I basically ended up with a full outfit (minus workout bra) for $18!

Lunch went really well too. The plan was a bunless bacon cheeseburger with coleslaw and broccoli on the side and it was absolutely delicious and filling! The only thing that really bugged me was that I couldn't find a good way to track it so I guesstimated all the macros. I hate doing that... I want to see solid, correct numbers but I think I did pretty well in general.

We basically covered the top half of the mall, everything from the incredibly expensive kitchen store where I was afraid to touch anything to clothing and shoe stores to Victoria's Secret and Sephora and basically anything that looked like something we can never go into when we have kids with us, but once we got to the bottom half I had to admit that my back was really, really starting to hurt so we cut it short. I'm pretty disappointed by that but maybe in another 20-40 pounds my back will be able to handle more walking? My ankles were starting to feel all the walking too and this was with the Velcro braces. I wasn't even able to to hit 10,000 steps, I ended up with 6,400 instead.

In any case, it was a great weekend but I'm also glad to be home and on track to do Pull day tomorrow (with some cardio!).

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