Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How My Life Works...

I have some great workouts and then mention my fear of getting hurt and messing them up... so what happens the day after I mention that fear?

I'll give you three guesses...

It's not even a real injury. It hurts to move my head and turn it to the left and right along my neck and on top of my shoulders but it's already way better than it was this morning and the pain level is at a 5 or lower depending on how I'm moving. Oh, and what did I do to get this? NOTHING. I was driving and one moment all is good and the next moment there's pain.

I spent a lot of today with heat on it (the thing Sarah gave me that can be frozen or heated specifically for this is perfect and smells amazing) and stretching carefully. I'm not working out today (and maybe not tomorrow depending on how it feels) but I'm hoping to be back on track by Friday or Saturday.

It's just so freaking annoying to have this happen when I haven't done anything to cause the pain but that's just how my body works right now. I'm really hoping that as I continue to lose weight and strengthen my core and my muscles that things will improve.

In other news, I'm not hoping for a big weight loss tomorrow because I had one last week and usually I have one big loss week and then one small loss week but we'll see what happens and I definitely need to focus on upping my protein again in the week to come!

More tomorrow!

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