Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"No Cheat Days" 30 Day Plan

Okay, so after rereading my post on the extra cheat days and thinking back to my last few cheat days I have decided to do 30 days with no cheating

Why 30 days? I don't know but it seems like a good number and something I can handle. I want to see what the scale does, how my body feels and how I feel in general when I cut out the cheat crap. It will be interesting to see and feel the changes and I also want to see if how I physically feel will be affected by what I'm eating.

To be totally honest, these cheat days have been been getting longer, more extensive and more out of control. Instead of one fudge cake serving I eat two or three or maybe a box. Instead of one cheat food I'm ending up getting three or four. Instead of one cheat meal it's turning into a full cheat day and I need to cut it off before it gets completely out of hand.

What is still going to be allowed is one small piece of really good dark chocolate during the week. Not a full bar but one small square and it has to fit into my calorie count and my macros. If it pushes my carbs over then I can't have it.

I'm actually looking forward to this in a very strange way. I need a challenge and this will definitely be that!

Also, I'm not going to have my regular cheat day this Thursday and then get started, I'm going to start now but officially start the count as of the last cheat which was on Friday so... it's been 3 1/2 days so far. And, yes, I will probably be counting days daily. The more I rack up the easier it will be to stick to this!

I know I can do this... just watch me!

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