Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday - A Small Update

This has been a long, painful week so far (my week starts on Thursday since that's my weigh-in day). I haven't done well with food even though I'm back on track now and I haven't done well with exercise outside of simple stretching because everything hurts, especially my joints and my back.

The weather is partially to blame for all of this (well, not the food part) because every time the barometric pressure has a big change or anything like that, it affects my body. I make plans for a good workout and then my knee or hip or ankle or all three feel like I have huge needles being driven though them and I have to change my workout plans. Add my back, wrists, elbows and any other joint you can think of into that and I haven't been having any fun.

Basically my workouts for this past week (and probably a few days this coming week) have been gentle stretching. That's about all I can handle right now and it's better than nothing.

Also, I fully expect to gain weight this week because I kind of went a little crazy with food, and not good food, and I'm not quiet sure why. Probably a combination of pain and annoyance and just a "I don't care" kind of attitude but, like I said, I'm back on track now and plan to stay that way.

I think that's all I have for now. Will hopefully write more later!

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