Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All Sorts of Updates

Wow, I'm so far behind on updating stuff so I figured it was time to catch up.

I saw my doctor Friday afternoon about the lightheadedness and the stomach pain. First off he called me a superstar for the weight I've lost so far and was very proud of me so yay! He also loved my hair color lol.

We talked about cheat days because those are when the stomach pain happens (not every time but I described all that in an earlier post) and when he asked me to list what I ate for that cheat day, he stopped me two foods into it and wanted to know why I was putting the crap in my body. Um.... good question?

He basically said that if it's considered a "junk" food then it's junk and why in the world would I do that to myself and, you know, he had a very good point! He did add that he wasn't going to lecture me because I'm doing well but it's definitely something to think about.

He also thinks that the pain could definitely be related to my gallbladder so I'm having a gallbladder ultrasound before work this coming Friday and we'll see what that shows and go from there.

As for the lightheadedness, he thinks that's related to my blood pressure/tachycardia meds and that because I take it at night, it messes me up in the morning. The first step with dealing with that was to move the medication to the morning instead of night and, honestly, that didn't go too well.

Saturday (the first day I moved the med) I was so unsteady and lightheaded that I could barely function, Sunday was a little better but it still lasted all day and Monday was, once again, a little better but not great, so I think the plan now is to try a new medication that's a slow release or something and see how that goes.

I did finally feel good enough to work out yesterday and wow, am I sore today! I did Pull day with abs and you know you're working hard when your shirt has a huge sweat stain on it when you're done! Today is Leg Day which I plan on doing but it will depend on how I feel by the time I'm supposed to start.

I'll also be starting Phase 2 of my workouts with my trainer on Monday and I can't wait! This should definitely challenge me more and I'm hoping to be able to move between phase one and two to keep my body guessing.

On top of all this I am doing awesome with calories, protein and carbs this week and the scale finally moved down today after 3 weeks of being stuck at the same number but my official weigh-in day isn't until Thursday so I guess it can still shift up but I really hope not!

Also, there was no cheat day this week at all and since it's Lent I gave up junk food again because that really worked for me last year. I'm hoping that this change makes a big difference in the weight loss!

I think that covers everything for now though!

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