Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trying This "30-Day No Cheating" Again

Back and forth and back and forth but that's the beauty of life. You can change your mind whenever you want to!

Basically, once again, despite my plan I overdid my "free" day. It went much, much better than normal but it was still overdone. I don't think I can handle a little "free" food at this point int time. It's just not working for me so what are my options if I can't moderate right now... pretty much all or nothing so I'm choosing to go with nothing.

Basically, I'm putting a lot of effort into working out my body and pushing myself beyond my limits so I want to do the same for my mind. I know I can go 30 days without putting crap in my body. It might not be easy and I'll definitely be tempted but I am craving a mental challenge and what I'm doing isn't working no matter which way I approach it.

So I am committing to 30 days right here and now and making myself accountable here on my blog and on my Instagram. No changing my mind, no backing out, no excuses. 30 days of no cheating or junk or unhealthy food or drinks at all as of today.

I might whine and complain about it but I'm going to do it. I know I can!

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