Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week Twenty-Four Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Six)

Week Twenty-Four Weigh-In:
03/17/2016:          -1.2 pounds
Total lost:             34.4 pounds
Current Weight:   195.6 pounds

Finally!! Finally the scale moved down after three weeks of being stuck at the same weight. I worked incredibly hard this week on the food portion of my plan so it was great to see that pay off. I'm going to continue working just as hard this coming week, especially since I still don't feel good and currently all my joints feel like they have needles going through them :/

I've also noticed that my size 14 jeans are definitely getting looser and when I'm ready I'll have to go buy 12's because I don't have any in the type of jeans that I love (and that I've worn from size 20 on down).

The exercise plan for this coming week is to meet with my trainer on Monday (stay away possible storm!!) and to start phase 2 of my training. I'm expecting to work hard and I'm looking forward to learning and conquering a new workout plan!

Tomorrow is my gallbladder ultrasound so I'll update you guys on that when I know something and I'm still lightheaded and dizzy most of the time but I did start the new med so we'll see if things get better with it.

That's it for now!