Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week Thirty Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Eight)

Week Thirty Weigh-In:
04/28/2016:          - 0.2 pounds
Total lost:                38 pounds
Current Weight:     192 pounds

And I'm back to 192 pounds. It seems like I may be stuck in this general area, and with our Easter being on Sunday and all the food that comes with that, I doubt I'll be losing any weight this coming week either.

I have been doing a lot of research and reading on macros and health lately because I haven't been very happy with my diet. I'm bored with it and there are a lot of foods that I miss. Not junk but real food. I'm still all about low carb but I find myself really missing and craving fruit and things like squash so I'm going to take a couple of weeks and play around with my food choices.

Outside of the complex carbs I decided to work on adding last week I'm also going to add in some fruit and up my carb limit a little. It won't be keto anymore (most likely) but it will still be low carb. The only way I'll ever learn what works for me and what doesn't is by trying different things.

This coming week will be a mess because of the Pascha foods (as I mentioned above) but I am only allowing myself one free day to enjoy those. It's not going to turn into one of those free-for-all week things. One day is it.

On the plus side I got my new knee support brace (especially for workouts) and the ankle ones so I think I'm going to give the new yoga DVD a try today instead of sticking to the easier one. My knee feels okay right now and the support thing should help a huge amount!

I'll post all that to my blog once it's done.


  1. I think the reason I got bored and/or frustrated is because my weight is stuck in the same general area, too. I can drop a few, 5 lbs, if I increase my exercise and decrease my food, but then at the same time, I want to make changes I can LIVE with, and I can't really LIVE with 2 hr daily workouts and restricted food choices. I feel ok where I am now but I'd still like to lose another first week of 30 days cheat free was an epic fail. However I like the idea of starting on Sunday, May 1. :-)

  2. My first 30 day cheat free week was a fail too... just start fresh May 1! I can actually live with 2 hour workouts as long as they're ones I like lol. That's why everyone has to to find their own way!

  3. I think it is natural to crave complex carbs. Swimmer_Jane