Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week Twenty-Seven Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Seven)

Week Twenty-Seven Weigh-In:
04/07/2016:          -1.6 pounds
Total lost:             37.2 pounds
Current Weight:   192.8 pounds

Woohooo, the no-cheating is paying off!! I'm on day 13 of that and while it's hard and I just want to chow down on something unhealthy yet delicious, I'm sticking it out and it was so great to see the scale have a great jump this morning!

My plan for this coming week is to continue with what I've been doing. I'm settling well into Phase 2 of my workouts but I know I need to add some cardio after I'm done with the weights so I'm going to start adding in some shorter Walk Away the Pounds DVDs until the weather warms up again and I can hit the bike path.

I organized and typed out my workouts so I can print them weekly and have places to track how any reps I did and how many seconds I held things for. It's really nice to have that neatly organized instead of just jotting it down on a scrap piece of paper right before I start working out lol, so I'm glad I finally did it.

I'm also going to keep doing the same thing with food that I did this past week so not much is going to change.

I also did my measurements this week so here's what I've lost since 3/3 (which is 5 weeks) and what I've lost in total. The full details on the numbers and inches are on my weigh-in and measurements page!

Lost between 3/3 - 4/7:           Total Lost:
Waist: -1.0 inch                         5.5 inches
Hips: - 1.0 inches                      4 inches
Bust:  - 0.5 inch                         5.5 inches
Right arm: -0.2 inches               3 inches
Left arms: -0.2 inches                3 inches
Right thigh: -1.5 inch                 5.5 inches
Left thigh: -1.5 inches                5.0 inches
Right calf: -0.5 inches                 2  inches
Left calf: -0.5 inches                   2.5 inches
Jeans Size: 1 size                         4 sizes

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