Sunday, May 29, 2016

A New 30-Day Challenge Because I Really Need One!

Okay, so truth be told I can not handle cheat/feast days. I try and try and think I can and at the end of every one I end feeling overstuffed and sick and it screws up my keto plan by pumping me full of simple carbs and empty calories.

I don't want to do another "no cheat" month, I want something different and more sustainable so starting tomorrow I am instituting a "stay on track" month. For the next 30 days I have to fit my food into my calorie and macro amounts (protein, carbs, fat etc). This way I still have the flexibility of making having one small piece of good chocolate or something but it takes away the days where I just eat and eat because it's my day to do so.

My ultimate goal is to eat that way every day but I'm starting with 30 days because that kind of challenge is doable right now.

I'm also not waiting to start on the first of the month even though that's almost here. I'm starting tomorrow before I can do any more carb damage to myself! And maybe this will get me off my butt and make me start cooking new recipes as well.

As for exercise, I've been dealing with pain in my left thigh/hip/lower back area for days now but I'm sick of just dealing with it and not working out day after day so tomorrow I AM doing Push/Pull Day A even if I have to go super slowly and carefully. I will be working out and that is final!

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