Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Taking the Day Off

I'm exhausted and sore today so I decided to take a day off from working out. I'm still on track for calories and macros but I need to remember that an occasional rest day is a good thing.

Today is also one week of no cheating under my belt and I feel good. Yeah, it would be yummy to just grab some ice cream and enjoy it but I haven't found an ice cream or other frozen desert in this area that's low carb, plus, I'm not messing up the 30 days!

In general the no cheating thing has gone well. I feel good, I'm not binging and I haven't been tempted to binge in the last several days. All of that is huge progress over what the last two months have been like.

This week the scale will probably show a regular drop into numbers I've gone back and forth with for the last two months (I'm guessing around 192-ish) but I'm hoping (and planning for) a drop next week as well which would be something new since all I've done for the last ten weeks is go back and forth and up and down. I just need to get it (and keep it) moving down. I'm also going to take measurements next week and will hopefully see some changes there too.

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