Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week Thirty-Six Low Carb - Thursday Check-In (Month Nine)

Week Thirty-Six Weigh-In:
06/09/2016:          - 0.6 pounds
Total lost:                37.8 pounds
Current Weight:     192.2 pounds

Well, the scale moved down a little. Now I just need it to keep going down instead of back up! The lowest I've been in the last 8-9 weeks was 191.8 so if I could break that number I would be thrilled!

I did really well with tracking my food, calories and macros this week but not so well with exercise due to pain and then I threw out my upper back yesterday. It's already not as bad as it was yesterday so that's something but my hip is acting up more too so today I'm resting because Andy graduates tomorrow evening and I have to be able to go to that. Everything else is on hold.

My plan for this coming week is to continue tracking everything and staying within my numbers and everything else will depend on how my body feels.

It feels great to be on track with food but I really miss working out!

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