Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday, July 11th Workout - Outdoor Walk and Stretch

Day 1 of clean eating went great (my homemade overnight oatmeal came out awesome!) and the weather finally cleared up enough for us to be able to take a long outdoor walk. We started out on a basic road and then went off on some forest paths and came across some really pretty sites and we saw a fox! It was great!

Tomorrow I'm looking at Push/Pull Day B (1 1/2 hours)  plus the elliptical so I need to plan my food out really carefully. According to my trainer I need to eat oatmeal a couple of hours before working out so I'm either having it for breakfast and working out mid-morning or having it for a late lunch and working out at my regular 4-ish pm time. I'll decide tomorrow!

Outdoor Walk:

Fitbit info:
time: 61 minutes, distance: 2.02 miles, steps: 4,923, calories burned: 340

Full Body Stretch

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