Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday, July 9th Workout - Relaxing Yoga Day - "Crunch: Candlelight Yoga" Plus Cardio/5K Training

I tried out my new yoga DVD but I wasn't quiet ready for it (plus it would probably help to watch it beforehand) so I stuck with Candlelight Yoga which I absolutely love and was able to do 25 minutes on the elliptical this time. I can probably go to 30 next time!

Coming up tomorrow, my longest workout day and a long post about eating clean and whole foods!

Relaxing Yoga Day - 42 minutes:

"Crunch: Candlelight Yoga"

5K Training/Cardio Day - 25 Minutes HIIT on Elliptical 

Elliptical info:
time: 25 minutes, distance: 0.535 miles, resistance: 2 minutes resistance 1, 30 seconds resistance 4 - repeat, stride: 1.885, laps: 3, calories burned: 183

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