Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Weigh-In Week One (Month One)

Week One Weigh-In:
07/20/2016:            +.06 pounds
Total lost:               37.6 pounds
Current Weight:     192.4 pounds

Okay, I am SO ready to be back on track!

Today begins a new weigh-in day, a new workout week, a new plan and day 1 of 30 days of no cheating!

My workout plan is printed out and ready to go (I print a new one every week where I can jot down times, reps and sets and make notes on each workout day), my food is on plan, we have a nature walk planned for this afternoon/evening and I feel good!

My plan is to do low carb and eating clean (ish) with my goals basically being protein, veggies, fat, fruit and grains with grains being my smallest amount and fruit being dessert. I'm definitely focused on pairing up protein with healthy, good carb veggies since veggies was something I was seriously lacking the last time around.

I've even started a Pinterest board for clean eating, low carb ideas and recipes and there's some really good stuff on there!

Basically I feel ready and prepared and I know I can do this!

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