Wednesday, August 31, 2016

All Sorts of Things

I realized that I haven't been posting much lately besides memes and workout updates so here is a general fitness/diet update...

1) With a lot of research and guidance from my trainer I have created a new weight training workout for myself (well, let's be honest here, I took preplanned workouts and edited them to make them work for me lol).  For the next 6 weeks or so so my workouts will consists of 6 days a week split into separate body parts except for abs which will be incorporated into every other day. The plan is as follows...

Chest & Abs day plus cardio and stretching
Back day plus cardio and stretching
Shoulders & Abs plus cardio and stretching
Triceps plus cardio and stretching
Legs/Glutes plus cardio and stretching
Biceps/Forearms & Abs plus cardio and stretching

Each day has between 9 and 11 separate exercises using machines and free weights and is set up so that I can still have a day for gentle yoga. I actually spent most of the weekend creating a visual document for this workout that I'll be taking to the gym with me so I can see exactly what I'm supposed to be doing and my trainer has gone over the exercises with me that I didn't know how to do so I am set to go!

I'm really excited about this and can't wait to get started today and then in about six weeks I'll create a whole new workout (I have a lot of preplanned ones already ready to go!).

My gym times are still being figured out but I'm just going to have to take that one day at a time. I want to go after dropping Gabriel off at school but that can only be done on days when I have no work and no other appointments or plans. Luckily I can go in 24/7 so I can always find a few hours, I'll just have to plan carefully.

My trainer (should I just start using her name at some point in time? LOL) has also teamed me up with another woman who trains at this gym so we can inspire each other and work out together when our schedules connect so that's pretty cool! It's always great to have someone there to push you and vent with you!!

Moving on to food, I'm doing okay with that. I messed up my daily tracking challenge so I guess I'm starting fresh with that? I want to get 30 days of daily tracking under my belt so I'm back to that goal with today being day one.

I am finding that the urge to binge is way, way lower now that I've re added healthy carbs into my diet. I still have days when I eat crap and that needs to stop because my doctor sort of lectured me on that... if it's crap or "junk" food it does NOT belong in my body and, yeah, I agree with him but sometimes you just need some ice cream. Not an an entire pint of ice cream but just a little! So, I still have a lot of work to do with food but I am definitely seeing some good progress even if the scale isn't showing it yet!

I think that about covers it! I have found that I am so much more positive and happy when I go to the gym and that the exercise endorphin's have definitely started kicking in so I am joining for good and I actually can't wait to go and work out this afternoon!!

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