Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's Getting Better...

the pain is lessening. It's already better than yesterday and even than this morning. Now is when I start thinking about when to start working out again and what workouts to do so I don't aggravate the injury. Obviously it'll need another day or two, depending on how it feels tomorrow, but I like to think ahead.

I'm also ready for the next few days of food. I'm getting groceries tomorrow and I have three days of meals planned out and everything will be prelogged into My Fitness Pal before it goes into my mouth. The meals will be real, "clean" and homemade, with leftovers remaining for future lunches.

Once those three days are done I'll shop and plan for the next three and so on.

I doubt the scale will show a change tomorrow since it's been at the same number all week but not changing is better that going up so I shouldn't complain about it.

But the best part is definitely not being in incredible pain anymore though. Yay!

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