Tuesday, August 2, 2016

So Much Pain...

I'm not even sure what I did. The area around the left shoulder blade hurts horribly. It was only twinging yesterday and all I did was a stretch and the plank but I'm starting to think that was a mistake.

It didn't help that I had a bunch of things to do today and the more I moved and drove the more it hurt until it got to an 8/9 in pain even from just taking a deep breath.

I put some heat on it and that helped for a while before the pain came back. I'm overflowing with wonderful Advil right now so it's not as bad as even an hour ago but it still hurts.

I really miss my workouts but I don't know what will help and what will just make things worse. I don't want to damage it any further but maybe I can take a walk tomorrow? Although I do have to work which means I'll be moving my arm. I guess I can hope it suddenly stops hurting overnight but I'm not holding out much hope for that.

This whole thing just really sucks. I'm falling further and further away from my fitness and weight loss goals instead of getting closer and it's incredibly frustrating but even if I can't do my full workouts right now I can at least control what goes in my mouth.

But, basically, this sucks and I'm really frustrated and down right now.

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