Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Weigh-In

Thursday Weigh-In:
08/18/2016:            +.04 pounds
Total lost:               33.8 pounds
Current Weight:     196.2 pounds

Okay, so my weight is up by less than half a pound since last week but it is significantly down from what it it was Sunday/Monday so I'm seeing this as a win or at least a tie.

I also decided to get rid of the weekly count because I just kept restarting it at week 1 and it was irritating me.

This week my plans are to get through this coming weekend the best I can and track the best I can since a lot of things will be homemade and there won't be any serious workouts until Monday.

Monday I have a training session at the gym where I'll learn a whole new weeks or workouts... wooohooo! And then from Monday on I plan to workout at the gym and do whatever I'm trained too.

I also want to get back to our nature walks really badly but I need to rethinking my footwear because my awesome workout sneakers have to be indoor sneakers now (I cleaned them) so I need something new for the walks.

As for food I'm going to continue going the way I did this past week (excluding cheat days) and keep going on without Dunkin Donuts. In fact, today I am 6 days Dunkin Donuts free! Woohoo!

Now to start planning and packing for the weekend!

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