Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trying Something New...

... well, newish. I joined the local Snap Fitness gym! Unfortunately I misread the website and now I have to wait seven days for my access card to come before I can go on it any time when I thought it would be immediate. I talked to the woman in charge and she did say I can still come in during regular open hours but I'm not sure how that will work with my schedule this week and with the access card I can go in 24/7.

I did this for several reasons. While I love working out at home I need something more right now. I feel like I need more of a challenge and I'm getting a little restless and bored at home. This will open up way more machines, weights and cardio for me and the best part is that my trainer works there! I already have a gym training session set up with her in a week!

I also like the option of going in at any time that I want, the fact that it's small, clean and friendly and it's not too busy (at least not the times that I've stopped by). And air conditioning will really be useful right now plus with fall and winter coming, having a treadmill and recumbent bike and all sorts of thing available in place of nature walks will be awesome!

The only negative is that I won't have workout photos for Instagram anymore because I'm not asking gym people to take my pic while I work out lol. At home Gabriel takes them but he won't be at the gym so I'll have to figure out another way to post the workouts.

They also have "Fitness on Demand" which is virtual classes that are offered 24 hours a day and if I get hurt my membership can go on hold until I'm better so it works all the way around for me!

And, at the same time, during bad weather or really busy days I can still work out at home if need be so the equipment I have now won't go to waste.

Other than that, the other thing I can have going on is that I'm still not back on track and the scale is moving up again. I'm terrified of how much closer it's coming back to 200 and I REFUSE to hit that number again.

I just need top take this one day, one hour and one meal at a time right now.

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